Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Watercolors....Traverse City Mission Peninsula Weekend

This was our view at the Jolly Pumpkin on Mission Peninsula. We had a great time on our Watercolor Weekend.  I loved sitting on the bay with a Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura Beer and  looking at pine trees....(and smelling them too). I like to paint yellow skies...they make me happy! I am busy planning next years trip to Traverse City with students.....hope to see you there.

This is a view from the Lyon Farm. It is also on the bay, just a little farther down. There is a little white sailboat in the bay and the white of the paper comes through for the clouds. I got a great new chair from has shoulder straps so I can wear it like a backpack. It is short so I can reach my supplies and it has pockets for more paint supplies. I love to paint and picnic!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Etchings and Prints

Some of my prints that just made it to the new print is good to see them again. I hope to sell some and also have a gallery show.

Going West, Champaign County.....etching above
Making Our Appearances, etching

The Wedding....Lithograph
My Fathers Memories, Second Generation....Intaglio, etching

 Flora Dendron ...etching

This drawing was done when I lived in Illinois and many in the state were trying to pass the ERA Amendment. Many women were emaciated after a hunger strike. Needless to say, the amendment did not pass. It was a passionate time.

The Magician....lithograph

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blooming flowers, June 3, 2014....the first rugosa roses of the season, the white and of Bethlehem

 Big rain last night.....the irises were drenched, but the first roses bloomed today. Some of my roses took a real hit from all the cold this winter. They are coming around but slowly. The Rugosa's did the best.
 Our backyard after big rainstorm last night....lots and lots of rain.

 Star of Bethlehem started blooming yesterday.......

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lime Watercolor......

I love to paint fruits......cut open a lime. There are so many great greens out there: Undersea Green from Daniel Smith Inc. and Green Gold from Windsor Newton. Come and join me for Paint and Picnic Class!

Spring Flowers: Woodlands. Amelanchier, Spring Beauty, Quince, Violets, and Lots of Maple Trees! May 2014

Spring Beauties did very well, they are just finishing up this week. Very prolific this year. Amelanchier is finishing up as well this week. The Magnolia did not do well, only one bloom, although the leaves are doing well it appears. The Red Dogwood is blooming as of yesterday, it looks ok. The quince is also in full bloom.
The Tulips were completely eaten by deer. This is the first year I did not even get a bloom. The deer seemed very hungry this year. Something is munching on my tulip tree and river birch tree. Had to put something around them.

 Violets burst forward this spring in a big way, this winter must have helped them.
Tons of extra maples this year...I have never seen so many little seeds growing every in my life. Caused by lots of snow this year protecting them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

White Rose with Red Trim....Sugulite and Opera Pink

Here is a white rose with red trim that I painted last week. A friend gave me the rose for my birthday and I decided to paint it. These are some of my favorite colors: Opera Pink (Windsor Newton) Sugulite Purple (Daniel Smith Inc.) and Green Gold (Windsor Newton).
I wet the paper where I wanted to the rose to go, just around the red tips. Then I dropped in the Opera Pink. After that dried I added the Sugulite in the veins of the rose.
Finally I added the stem in Green Gold. That color is so earthy, a perfect compliment to the Opera Pink.
The background was put on last this time with Opera Pink.
Paint and Picnic classes are on Wednesday and Saturday morning, or by appointment.

The Stargazer lily below was done with the transparent triad, with a  little Undersea Green (Daniel Smith Inc) and orange gouache (Windsor Newton).

Trout Lily

One of my favorite flowers is the Trout Lily. It is a woodland flower blooming now in my backyard.  I have to lay on the ground with my camera pointed up to get a photo like this. They are such happy little flowers with speckled leaves like trout, and they contrast nicely on a blue sky with no foliage on the trees yet. They are in the woods......and it is a good day for a walk in the park!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Carnegie: “Remember, happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.”

“Remember, happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.” Carnegie
New pact...I am not throwing or attending any pity parties....this is life. Enjoy it. Interested people are interesting. I am looking for people interested in the beauty and wonder of life.
This is one of my white rugosa roses early on a Sunday morning. White flowers photograph the best.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Goodbye Alice Raftary

On our way out to lunch....If she had a bad hair day, Alice would wear this colorful hat. I took the color out because I was going to paint this in oil paint, and I always start in black and white so I can make my own color combinations. I think it would make a "Grand" painting. She liked to say grand.
 I just realized that if she wanted to give you a particularly good piece of advice she would start with the word "Sweetie". I wonder if she knew she had your attention when she said it. Then she would give you a great line or two and move on. I wish I would have figured this out earlier, I think it is a good technique.

One of our favorite places to eat was the Henry Ford Estate in Dearborn. The restaurant was called the Pool. It was sad when it was closed and given back to the family. We loved sitting by the rose garden as we ate. The photo of her seated was when the scillas were blooming in late April. She never minded to wait for long periods as I photographed flowers or butterflies.

My son Isaac made of video of her telling stories. She had so much to say that it ended up over an hour. She had stories about her career, her faith and advice.

Below is a photo taken in her house. We loved sitting at the counter looking out the window with a pot of coffee, some cookies and great conversation.
I lost a very good friend on Saturday, Alice Raftary at the age of 86. We had just gone pants shopping at Von Maur the day before and had a lovely lunch at Bravo. She had salmon, I had steak. I recommended gelato for dessert with a shot of espresso and of course she had endless coffee refills. She ate it all......that is how she lived life.
We had lots of wonderful lunches and chats on the phone over a span of 24 years. Lunch at her home was always lovely with beautiful hand painted china, a silver place setting, cloth napkins and a pot of tea.
She treated me like a daughter a friend and a colleague. We scrapbooked together, sang together, went to Belle Isle to see flowers, the symphony, plays, shopped for clothes and shared lots of stories. I don't think she ever missed an Elderberry Party, she loved coming to them so much. One of my favorite things we did was read stories and poems to various grade schools together. We both loved poetry very much, and sometimes we would even sing the poems and act them out.
 She was the first to say yes to any of my ideas, and she had a knack for knowing the good ideas from the bad.  She commissioned me to make the paintings below for her husband Ray after he died. She thought they captured him in a whimsical way and paid me full price.
She was legally blind from macular degeneration, but I always told her she was the most discriminating person I had every met. She could pick out the nuances that would make something better. I showed her the painting above on Friday and she said the jaw was a little off, (and she was right...I will fix it!)
She taught me how to walk a blind person and she told people to be sure to wear a cane so people will not accidentally hurt you. I have told this strategy to a few of my other friends who needed protecting.
She and Ray came to both of the boys confirmations, which is a duty that no one else volunteered for. They thought my boys were "Good Stuff".
She taught me you can ask for help and not feel bad, but be sure to be a good conversationalist and show that you care. That is all people really want in life, so people are happy to help. By the same token she had more courage and independence than anyone I knew. Up until the end she would think nothing of grabbing her cane and a suitcase, jumping on a place or a bus and going to a blind rehab convention to speak or talk with others in the field. She tried para-sailing a few years ago against my better judgement, but she would tell that story to all who would listen and they would be inspired too.
Even though she came from a big family, she always had room for more. She knew who needed to be in her fold. She knew who needed a call, a smile, a bit of encouragement....or a nip in the heel. Goodbye Alice I will miss you, your friendship and your big smile. Call me sometime.

Tulips.....Traverse and Fig Watercolor

 I like green and pink............

Pears on the Beach

 Can't seem to stop painting pears. I like to use a shimmer paint from Daniel Smith for the shadow in blue tones. This pear was intriguing because of its green and red. It was a short and round shape pear. I paint the background first with a Daniel Smith ground and some kind of warm orange mix.
I get a kick out painting when it comes easier and faster.  Windsor Newton green gold and Daniel Smith Undersea green here. Happy Painting!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014

Announcing....My new Daniel Smith Inc. Paint and Picnic Kit! 001 901 220

 After 35 years of ordering art supplies from Daniel Smith Inc., I now have an alliance with this great company! I make a Wishlist and it includes a Paint and Picnic Kit made just for me and can be ordered by anyone! What a thrill...I have an item number! 001 901 220.  There is also no tax and no shipping on this item! 
They even offer it at a $40 savings.....When making a purchace at please use my code number so I can buy more paint for my class. It would be much appreciated. TRP01110. This is what is in the kit:

  1. Daniel Smith Watercolor Mapping Kit (10 tubes)
  2. 1 daVinci Cosmotop-Spin WC brush size 14
  3. 1 daVinci 60-80 Synthetic Wash Brush, 1 inch
  4. 1 Canson Montval Watercolor Book in 140 pound, 10 x 7 inch.
  5. 1 Heritage Artist Palette, 18 color wells with lid 10"x5"
  6. 1 Daniel Smith set of 238 Watercolor Dots Card. This is all 238 colors on 4 sheets of watercolor paper that can be used in the field. It also helps to learn the colors.
Thank You Daniel Smith for making me feel special and helping people make it easy to paint and  have a kit that is so fabulous.

 This Heritage Palette is so wonderful....It has a plastic insert that keeps the paint from running. I also put a sheet of watercolor paper behind the plastic insert with all of my samples from the palette. You can mix right on top of the plastic. There is a huge mixing area which is always wonderful.

Mission Peninsula Watercolor Weekend

I am finishing up the details for my Mission Peninsula Watercolor Weekend. The Chateau Grand Traverse is a fabulous place to stay! It has a beautiful scenic lookout and a 360 degree view.

 The wineries are beautiful...this one is an old school house...Peninsula.

I love this barn and the row of trees....I can't wait to paint the trees...there is always so much light behind them...the texture is beautiful.