Thursday, January 8, 2015

Oil Paintings......Gallery Show

Austin Texas Hilltop View
Oil Paintings for my show at the Starring Gallery in February.
 Sitting at the Jolly Pumpkin on Mission Peninsula
 New Fangled Beets.....they look like they are flying!
Various versions of Cherry Blossoms on Suttons Bay Michigan. I sat for a day in the tailgate of my car and painted. A heavenly place.

 Swiss chard from the garden....

Colorful radishes......I like to grow various sizes and types of radishes.

Art Show Paintings II, Fruits and Landscapes

Here are a few more paintings for the show in February.....I love painting living things. They remind me of the beauty of everyday life. I am enjoying making these close cropped designs. The color has been a hoot as well. I use watercolors mixed with grounds in glass jars to make them a bit opaque, yet still keeping the feel of watercolor. It is fun to be able to just dip and paint with the liquid watercolors, almost like painting with tempera as a child.
I hope to see you at the Starring Gallery of Northville on February 6th! My paintings will be up for the month of February.

Twisted Red Pepper......

Pear Paintings.....Singles and Doubles!

Gettng ready for my show at the Starring Gallery in Northville. Picking the paintings, framing them and scanning is a big job! Can't wait to have my friends, and new friends, come on by on February 6th from 6-9pm.
All of my pears are 4" x 6" and will be archivally matted in hinge frames with archival foam core to fill the back. The frames will have turn pins so that the paintings can be easily taken out and changed around. A great reason to buy a few! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Garden Update...Summer 2014 In the Garden

Joe Pye weed did well this year...lots of butterflies stop by to feed. Below the New England Asters were stunted...did not do well at al this year. Stunted and brown so far. Not good for the Pearl Crescent Butterfly.

 My front door. The New England Aster took a break and the wild sunflower took over. Nature does not like a vaccuum.
 Best year ever for tomato. They were delicious and abundant. I did not have to water much. I think the level of rain was just right for them.
 The swallowtails did well on the dill and fennel...I have seen a lot flying around too.
 Overall things did well. The best producers in my garden were cucumber, tomato, yellow squash, beans and carrots. The arugula did well, and usually does.

 The elderberry leaves got eaten a bit by something. Never saw what. Birds are happy with the berries

 A  view from my back lot.
 The Treemendous Maple is still producing lots of green leaves. Found a bigger opening above at the top of the tree.
 Above is my cover crop: Buckwheat. It is doing very well. Only put it in a few weeks ago.

 Lots of beautiful heirloom tomatoes. I roast them and then freeze.
 Pop Dog!
 Monarch on the Swamp Milkweed
Beautiful Corepsis.....overall a good summer. The roses did not produce well. It was a hard winter for them. My Sweet Annie got knocked out, but the poison ivy was very abundant. A big year for ivy. We spent a lot of time taking it out.

Buchanan School Livonia Habitat....Summer 2014

 Lots of Queen Annes Lace this year

 Queen Anne's Lace as it starts to form seeds.
 Joe Pye Weed and Swamp Milkweed provide lots of food for bees and butterflies and birds
 Above: Boneset...a wonderful native Michigan plant
 Lots of coreopsis this year...
 Blue vervain did very well this year.

 Milkweed did well.... we can't have enough. This is the pod of the common milkweed.
So much coreopsis
 a bit of ironweed. It keeps hanging in there.
the one red flower in the Queen Anne's lace
 Tons of mallow this year....big year for mallow