Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Green Banana Watercolors

It  felt good to paint green bananas in my Door to Door Organic box today...the box never fails to inspire me.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fruits and Flowers

 "Eye to Eye We Lie"

 I Have Wings
 "And You?" "Just Peachy".

 "Lean This Way"
"Poppies in Oneida" Opening the Trail

 Two Reds and an Orange

Two Purple Cherokee


 Going West, Champaign County, Intaglio.

 Got a Buzz in the Garden
 Hello  Sunshine!

 "Just Bubbling Over"

 Searching for Heliotrope, lithograph

 The Wedding Dance

Friday, July 31, 2015

My Pear Friends......Anniversary Pear Card and Pear Butts....Watercolors

 I can't get over how much pears look like people. I can't stop painting them with watercolors. I guess you could call this Pearotica.....Pear Prose......Pear Porn....Pear Prompts.,,,,,

Sleeping Bear Dunes, Empire Michigan Oil Paintings

Walking along the Cottonwood Trail at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. Lots of little dunes and dunes grasses. Cottonwoods abound as well as birch trees. Loves the winding trails and dunes off in the distance.

A great walk up to Empire Bluffs....worth the walk.

Dune Sweet Peas along the Cottonwood Trail......loves the purple against the bright green leaves.
Then we drove up to Oneida area in Michigan and found lots of homes. This area is not being run by the National Park System. Lots of rolling hills in that area too. Made this little water color.

Radishes, Daffodils and Iris Oil Paintings

 I love to get my Door to Door Organics box and paint something. These radishes got me this day. They pop off the brown background.
 Daffodils with aqua and red violet background in a glass vase. Daffodils are so happy and have great dimension.
Purple iris on yellow. Had to add a touch of blue.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Paintings for Sleeping Bear Gallery

I am so happy to have 8 of my paintings hanging in the Sleeping Bear Gallery in Empire Michigan. Here are 4 of them.  It is cherry blossom time and I remember the hum of the bees around the dandelions and the cherry trees in the Sutton's Bay Michigan when I began painting these.
This painting above is called "Bee Boxes and Cherry Blossoms".
 I sat along this little road on the cherry blossom hill. I love the hills in this part of Michigan.
 The Dunes....Sleeping Bear....these are all little oil paintings.
More rolling hills with a little house on top with a blue roof.
If you are up in Michigan check out the Sleeping Bear Gallery, 10085 West Front Street in Empire Michigan. Just 7 miles from Glen Arbor. She has lots of great artists to check out in a variety of media.
After going to the gallery.....there are lots of great wineries. Longview has a nice cherry wine in Cedar, Mi.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Oil Paintings......Gallery Show

Austin Texas Hilltop View
Oil Paintings for my show at the Starring Gallery in February.
 Sitting at the Jolly Pumpkin on Mission Peninsula
 New Fangled Beets.....they look like they are flying!
Various versions of Cherry Blossoms on Suttons Bay Michigan. I sat for a day in the tailgate of my car and painted. A heavenly place.

 Swiss chard from the garden....

Colorful radishes......I like to grow various sizes and types of radishes.